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NotesIPass – KeePass-Plugin for IBM Notes

IBM Lotus Notes add-in to get passwords from KeePass.

Requires KeePassHttp. Implemented using KeePassHttpClient.


  1. Download NotesIPass.dll
  2. Put NotesIPass.dll to IBM Lotus Notes installation folder, usually C:\Program Files\IBM\Lotus\Notes\ or C:\Program Files (x86)\IBM\Lotus\Notes\
  3. Add the following line to [Notes] section of your notes.ini


  1. Install KeePassHttp according instructions.

Request password screen


IBM mail support for Microsoft Outlook

Welcome to IBM®mail support for Microsoft Outlook 2013. This solution provides you with Mail, Calendar, and Contacts capabilities that allow you to work with your IBM Notes®mail directly in your Microsoft Outlook interface.’s%20Guide%20(Now%20inclusive%20of%20User’s%20Guide).pdf