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Connecting to Office 365/Exchange

…..a script with a set of functions to allow me connect to each individual Office 365 service or Exchange Online: Connect-AzureActiveDirectory: Connects to Azure Active Directory Connect-AzureRMS: Connects to Azure Rights Management Connect-ExchangeOnline: Connects to Exchange Online Connect-SkypeOnline: Connects to Skype for Business Online Connect-EOP: Connects to Exchange Online Protection Connect-ComplianceCenter: Connects to Compliance Center Connect-SharePointOnline: Connects to SharePoint Online Connect-MSTeams: Connects to Microsoft Teams Get-Office365Credentials: Gets Office 365 credentials Connect-ExchangeOnPremises: Connects to Exchange On-Premises Get-OnPremisesCredentials: Gets On-Premises credentials Get-ExchangeOnPremisesFQDN: Gets FQDN for Exchange On-Premises Get-Office365Tenant: Gets Office 365 tenant name (SharePoint) Set-Office365Environment: Configures Uri’s and region to use…..

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Excel „objekte verknüpfen und einbetten ist nicht möglich“

Fehlermeldung beim Starten von Excel: „objekte verknüpfen und einbetten ist nicht möglich“ dazu die Fehlermeldung im Eventviewer unter „Microsoft Office Alerts“ (OAlerts):
Event ID: 300
Data: „….100407…“

EN: cannot use object linking and embedding error

In meinem Fall hatte ein lokales Account zur Dokumentkonvertierung den Fehler hervorgerufen.

Die Lösung :

1: start->run and type ‚DCOMCNFG‘
2: Open ‚DCOM Config‘ and locate ‚Microsoft Excel Application‘
3: Set its identity to ‚The Launching User‘.