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IBM Using QPTool changemember features with XML and QPTool execute – United States


What is the QPTool changemember command? What method can you use if you need to make a large number of changes?


The QPTool changemember command allows for the renaming of users and groups from one value into another. The name values are generally entered as command line arguments. It differs from the changehierarchy command in that the entire name can be changed and not just the hierarchical component (for example, OU=NA/O=IBM).

Example: load qptool changemember -p PlaceName -sourcedn „CN=External User,O=IBM“ -targetdn „CN=New External User,O=IBM“

This command renames the user in a place called PlaceName from CN=External User,O=IBM to CN=New External User,O=IBM.

The challenge is that to make a large number of changes requires the changemember function to be called potentially thousands of times. In this case it would be much easier to batch all user or group name changes at a place level and execute them using the qptool execute command.

The use of the changemember features are not documented in the QuickPlace Developer’s Guide like <person action=“add“>, <person action=“remove“>, and <person action=“update“>. However, there is another tag format of <person action=“rename“> used by changemember internally. This usage can be observed in the resulting qptool.changemember.xml file from running the qptool changemember command.

The following XML structure demonstrates a set of actions performed on a place called qp_innovation. In this example, several external users are renamed from one DN to another, a new user is added, and a user is removed. This example uses an XML file and the qptool execute command.

The actions are:

Add user: CN=newuser,ou=users,dc=corp,dc=ibm,dc=com as reader

Remove user: CN=Old User,OU=NA,O=IBM

Rename user: CN=Corp User,OU=NA,O=IBM to CN=corpuser,ou=users,dc=corp,dc=ibm,dc=com

Rename user: CN=Corp A User,OU=NA,O=IBM to CN=corpauser,ou=users,dc=corp,dc=ibm,dc=com

Rename user: CN=Corp B User,OU=NA,O=IBM to CN=corpbuser,ou=users,dc=corp,dc=ibm,dc=com

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